Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Socks Have Arrived!

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After months of sock puppet nonsense, in the literal sense, our game Put A Sock In It! is finally out. You can download it for free from the Itchio site via the link above. This is the first release from Far-off Daydream Games, and I am looking forward to hearing feedback and comments from connoisseurs of odd and eccentric indie games, and fans of the visual novel medium.

Put A Sock In It! is a humorous choose-your-own-adventure type game that sees a crafty young girl who is particularly good at distracting herself make the most of being locked out in a stairwell -- she begins playing out little skits with some sock puppets she's just made! To play the game, you will select a pair of sock puppets to go up against one another, for a total of four combinations: Princess x Wizard, Ghost x Stable Boy, Wizard x Ghost, and Stable Boy x Princess. Each pairing gives you control of the conversation and relationship from one of the characters' point of view. For example: in the Princess x Wizard pairing, the Wizard abducts her and you play as the Princess, guiding the story where you want it to go with her reactions -- do you hate him, or could this be love?

The storylines range from romantic melodrama between the innocent Princess and awkward Stable Boy to merciless quarrels between the evil Wizard and spooky Ghost. Altogether, there are about 90 Unique Endings, but that's not the icing on the cake. This is: there are 30 Lessons that Serena and her sock puppet friends will learn, and you have to help her learn them all in order to finish the game.

I dedicated this game to my father, Arkady Pilchin, who sadly passed away in early August. He was a wonderful person who did so much for me and meant so much to me. He always greatly encouraged me in all my interests, and I am glad that I was able to show this game to him before the end.