Monday, February 20, 2017

A NEAR DAWN ~ Announcement Trailer!

Without further ado, we are excited to present the A Near Dawn announcement trailer:

A Near Dawn is a multi faceted psychological adventure that aims to capture different sides to your world as you investigate the darkness that lies beneath its surface. There are mysteries to be solved and the things you do and say will affect how others look at you, even how you look at yourself. We are making great progress in putting together the Prologue to the first installment, which will be available for free download. And we hope to eventually bring this project to KickStarter to help fund the production. Wish us luck!

A Near Dawn is an adventure game inside a visual novel interface - it features puzzles, dynamic decisions, and multiple endings. You will be in control of your character’s actions at every turn. You will explore the environment and speak to other characters to learn about what needs to be done.