Monday, November 13, 2017

A Near Dawn ~ Play the Adventure on Android!

With 10 days left to our Kickstarter Campaign for our noir comedy adventure game A Near Dawn, we are adding an Android Power-up to our project.

One of our backers recently pointed out that they would like to have the game on Android, and though you can play the Prologue on Android, our campaign seemed to be strictly dealing with the PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) version. So, that is true, since we will need to develop the PC version before we can then translate it to mobile. In fact, we hope to have it on Android and even iOS eventually! It will of course take a lot more time to develop and test the game on mobile platforms. But we already have so many backers, we thought... And certainly you wouldn’t want to pay as much for an Android version as the Full 1080HD.

How can we possibly solve this issue? Why don't we give it away, we thought? So, we will give all of you a complimentary copy of the game on Android when it becomes available! If you previously backed our project on Kickstarter beginning with the $6 CAD - Early Wakeup Tier, and all you wanted was the Wallpaper and Icon Pack, you will now get a copy of the game on Android, as well! And this of course extends to our backers who are already getting the game on computer, all of you will now receive an additional copy of the game on Android, as well! You don’t have an Android? No problem, give it to a friend (or frenemy)!

Please take a look at our currently running Kickstarter Campaign, we are a little over 50% funded, but with a week and a half left we will need your support to reach our goal! You can find all the information and links to download the demo for Android / Windows / Mac / Linux on our campaign page!

We caught Mei as she was leaving, and she had this to say:

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