Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mysteries & Science Fiction in A Near Dawn

I’ve been doing some thinking about how I could maybe have presented our story a little differently, and I decided I wanted to talk more about the Mysteries and Science Fiction in A Near Dawn (as it is currently in its last week on Kickstarter). You did know all about those and that things were going to get Sci-fi-ish, right? Did I not make that clear? Oh, I barely mentioned it at all, didn’t I?

Did I also not mention that I was a big fan of homage? This was an earlier design of the cover art for A Near Dawn. :)

You may have noticed I said that one of my major influences for this project was Steins;Gate, and if you are not familiar with it, it is a brilliant series dealing with the butterfly effect, which for me has the best and most convincing representation of time travel I have ever seen (not to mention all-around great characters). If you haven’t checked it out, there is quite a good translation of the Japanese anime (it is of course also based on the Visual Novel series).

The concept for A Near Dawn was always to start with the present day reality as we know it, and then have our hero (or heroes) follow along and uncover the mysteries that seem to surround the case in question, leading to progressively surreal psychological, potentially supernatural, and even scientific fiction-worthy revelations. For instance, who is this dude and what is his role in our story? (Hint: it is not Michael Jackson.)

It’s a mystery. I haven’t really spoken about this side of the story with a lot of people, because I spend a good deal of it grounded in our reality, and a) I wouldn’t want to spoil an intriguing surprise (which is also why I am being quite vague now), and b) I would not want to set certain expectations for an audience that may not be fulfilled until a good ways into the story. However, that also creates the assumption that an audience is going to want to experience a story without perhaps knowing that there are these things in it that they may find interesting. So, without further ado, here are some of the mysteries of A Near Dawn that you may or may not be wondering about at this time:

  1. What are the specifics of the case Sam and Harry are picking up? We know that poisonings and deaths were mentioned in the Prologue, and that a multinational corporation may be involved.
  2. What happened the last time Sam and Harry went against PKW (the vicious law firm they have the misfortune of facing once again)?
  3. How does Don Juan, who claims to be a psychic, fit into our story?
  4. What is Morgan’s problem and who does he represent?
  5. What is up with Janet’s life?
  6. What are these people hiding?
  7. And finally, who or what is [not Michael Jackson]?

Maybe some things to think about?

A Near Dawn is entering its final week in our Kickstarter Campaign and we will need a lot more support to reach our goal. You can download and play the full Prologue on Please help share and support our campaign if you can, and let us know what you think of our project!

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